"One thing I remember Morgan saying to me is that my sessions were my time. She established a space free of judgement where I felt an ease that allowed me to unravel naturally."
"Thank you Morgan for being here with me in this difficult journey. I appreciate your work and I am thankful I found you as my therapist. I hope to continue to grow and learn with you."
"Morgan paid close attention to my daughter's cues, matched her pace, and connected with her interests. Morgan spoke to her with respect and provided just the right amount of guidance and suggestions. She always followed through by checking in with my daughter when there was a lapse in appointments and communicated information to me as needed to support my daughter."
"Morgan connected with me as a human being first, allowing me to achieve my therapeutic goals. She validated me and helped me identify what makes me a person worthy of love and happiness."
"You are one of the first I think of when people reach out to me for a recommendation for a therapist. You have an intrinsic disposition for this work that cannot be taught and any client will be fortunate to have you."
"I just wanted to thank you. I just received your referral letter and it's one of the best letters that I've ever read. So beautifully done and I just wanted to thank you for the work that you're doing for clients that we share. So impressive and it's so appreciated. Thank you very much, Morgan."
"This was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made for my mental health. Morgan helped me slow everything down and actually process my thoughts. She allowed a safe place for me to really express myself without the fear of being judged. Since our time I understand more about myself and have gained the skills to allow myself to "feel" without being overly critical of my emotions and feelings. I would recommend Morgan to anyone who needs a therapist that will work with you during challenges times, because she has the professional knowledge, caring personality, and genuine heart to help you through it."