I understand that finding a therapist that is affirming of who you are or who want to be is a necessity in this process. With so much racism, hatred, and ignorance in our world today, I want to make it clear that I am here to accept and see you fully.

Now, I know mental health is taboo in our community. Technically, Black Americans make up 19% of the population affected by mental illness despite being only 13% of the population. I am aware of the barriers Black folks face when seeking out mental health services. Maybe you've heard "Just pray on it" or you've been told "That's a White person thing," or maybe you've had a culturally insensitive therapist before. Either way, you're here now, thinking about starting therapy, so stay with me.  It'll be better than you think.


I am here honoring racial identities, understanding the impact of one's race and culture on behaviors, communication, and ideologies. I am recognizing the emotional, mental, and financial impact of systemic racism and oppression on BIPOC and our day to day struggles. It is exhausting to be non-White in America right now. We can talk about that too. With that being said, no matter what sort of mental health concerns you have, I am more than capable of guiding you.